[SC]Clan - Sabriest's Code

Server Info

The [SC]Clanserver is a public SOF2 v.1.00 (silver) server that runs a custom mod which allows for custom gametypes, weapons awards, stats tracking, and more. The Main Mapcycle consists of standard multiplayer CTF (Capture the Flag) maps. Towards the end of each map, players can vote to continue with the next standard map in the cycle or play a map from the Vote List which includes 30 different maps and gametypes. All maps are standard game-issued and no additional downloads are required.

The gametypes on the vote list include standards such as Deathmatch, Infiltration, and Elimination, as well as Custom Gametypes such as Team Freeze Tag, Sabotage, and VIP. We work hard to keep the server fun and active as well as constantly updated with fresh maps. Join in the discussion at the Game Server forum on our website.

Main Mapcycle

Below is the current main mapcycle, updated as of June 2020. All maps are CTF (Capture the Flag) with a scorelimit of 10, and a timelimit of 20, except for mp_hos1 which has a scorelimit of 15.

 mp_hk1 (Hong Kong Hotel)

 shop4 (Shop4)

 mp_shop (Shop Under Siege)

 mp_pra1 (Prague Streets)

 mp_raven (Raven Offices)

 hk4 (Hong Kong 4)

 mp_hos1 (Hospital Roof)

Vote List

Below is the current list of maps available by vote, updated as of June 2020. The map chosen for the vote is random but also based on the current number of players in the server.

CTF (Capture the Flag)Scorelimit 5
  • mp_kam2
  • mp_kam1
  • col7
  • hk1
  • kam4
  • kam10
INF (Infiltration)Scorelimit 5
  • mp_hk1
  • mp_raven
  • mp_raven
ELIM (Elimination)Scorelimit 5
  • kam5
DM (Deathmatch)Scorelimit 50
  • mp_hos1
  • arm1
  • col2
  • hk7
  • pra1
  • shop8
TDM (Team Deathmatch)Scorelimit 200
  • mp_pra1
  • mp_raven
TFT (Team Freeze Tag)Scorelimit 500
  • mp_hk1
  • mp_pra1
  • mp_raven
  • pra6
  • shop4
SAB (Sabotage)Scorelimit 5
  • mp_raven
  • kam12
  • shop4
VIP (Very Important Person)Scorelimit 10
  • mp_finca
  • mp_hk1
  • mp_kam2
  • mp_shop
  • kam2
DOM (Domination)Scorelimit 500
  • mp_hk1
  • mp_shop