Game Server Rules

A quick message from one of the oldest and most dysfunctional clans in the SOF2 gaming community, as well as some of the most important information regarding gameplay in our server and participation in our forums.
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Game Server Rules

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Rules for gameplay on the [SC]Clan Server:

Below is a list of do's and don'ts when you're playing on the server, which can all be summarized with the only rule that really matters: Keep the game fun for all!
  1. The [SC]Clan server is a no cheat server. That means no wallhack (WH), aimbot (AB), ballhack (BH), or 3rd person. There’s a few other hacks which I won’t mention, but those aren’t tolerated either. There is a post in this section about cheats and game exploits. Read it.

  2. Trash talking is allowed. This is a game, don’t take it so seriously. Understand there are people out there who just love to talk and get under your skin. It annoys you and gets you rattled and off your own game. There’s nothing wrong with doing so. There is fine line between good-hearty trash talking and just plain harassment to the point that it disrupts the server. Don’t cross that line.

  3. Understand that not everyone who kills you or that has a good ratio is cheating. There are players out there that are just damn good. They’ve played the game longer than you, they know the maps better than you or they just plain have better skills than you. Before you cry "Hacker" or "Cheater", spend 10 minutes specing them. Specing someone in the 3 seconds between the time you die and respawn doesn’t count. It may turn out how they get their ratio or high headshot count because they camp. Some people use headphones as well. With headphones, you can hear people running around the corridors, and it may appear that they are in 3rd or even wallhack if they're using headphones. If you still suspect them of cheating, let an S-Admin know about it.

  4. Camping is allowed. Spawnkilling is not allowed, but if the flag is out and you find yourself in the enemy base you can:
    1. Defend your flag if it is there, which means killing players as soon as they appear, until your flag returns to your base. Once your flag is returned or captured, you must exist the enemy spawn.
    2. Defend the flag carrier (your teammate) when he/she grabs the flag and tries to exit the enemy base. This means killing players when they appear, or when they pursue. When the flag carrier leaves the enemy base (is safely away) you must stop and follow normal spawnkilling rules.

  5. Keep the teams even, not just the number of players on each team but also the skill level. It’s no fun if one team has all the skilled players and the other team has a bunch of noobs on it. Yeah, we all have certain team colors on maps that we all like to play for specifically, however, is it really fun for all when one team beats the other team 10-0? Remember the Rule A, ‘keep the game fun for ALL’, not just for yourself.

  6. If the server is full or almost full of players and there are spectators, ask them to either play or leave. They’re using up slot on the server. New players who want to play can’t join the server because of the slots. If the spectators don’t join, then kick them off the server to make room for others.

  7. Only authorized members of the [SC] clan are permitted to recruit. Unless you receive permission, you are not allowed to recruit players.

  8. Don't make up rules as the game goes along. Examples, "No Lower" on Kam2, or "Knives Only". If people agree to play by those rules, fine, but if they don't want too, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO PUNISH THEM.

  9. If you use your admin powers to abuse other players, be prepared to be demoted. Excuses of being drunk, testing out powers, trying out binds, etc. doesn't excuse you.

  10. Don't joke about using hacks or having them. It doesn't matter even if you really don't use them. You will be punished for even joking about hacks.

  11. If you remove your [SC] tags or threaten to quit and remove the [SC] tags, then you're out of the clan and there is no rejoining. There is no such thing as suspending your membership in clan. Either you're in or your out. Once you're out, you can't rejoin. Exceptions in rare cases might be made, but only by clan leaders.

  12. If you're from another clan, no recruiting on our server and no promoting your clan server or asking people to go and play there.

  13. SPAMMING is not allowed. What is SPAM? In general, it's when someone runs a bind more than 3 times in row after a set of events. Example, I kill someone and I bind "Domination" more than 3 times, or I do it 3 times after each kill (all of the time). Warn them a couple of time before muting them. Sometimes when you warn them, they don't see the warning because of so much action in the game. SPAMMING is generally not a ban-able offense. Typing in all CAPS is not spamming.

  14. Some people found out you can add grenades on maps where they are not part of the standard outfitting. This is not allowed. If someone is caught doing so, they will be punished. It's never OK to be messing with server parameters/settings unless you've been given permission to do so. This goes for both clan members and guests.

  15. Other clans are not permitted to recruit in the [SC]Clan Server, even if it's for a non-existent clan.
Remember, admin privileges are just that, a privilege and not a right. Admins exist to police the game and make sure players are not cheating or breaking the rules. Only use admin when you need to in order to resolve a situation and keep the server fun for everyone.


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