Cheats/Hacks/Exploits Not Allowed on the [SC]Clan Server

A quick message from one of the oldest and most dysfunctional clans in the SOF2 gaming community, as well as some of the most important information regarding gameplay in our server and participation in our forums.
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Cheats/Hacks/Exploits Not Allowed on the [SC]Clan Server

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We wanted to re-emphasize that the [SC]Clan Server is a fairplay, no-cheat server. This applies to both clan members and guests of our server. Our clan has built a reputation within SOF2 over the years for fair game-play. This reputation has contributed to the popularity of our server which has grown over the years.

There are many cheats/hacks/exploits available for this game. We have provided some updated information on some of the more popular hacks which are not allowed on our server.

Also, you should be very aware and cautious of any downloads that you personally install for your game. Use common sense. Anything that enhances your game-play which gives you an unfair advantage over other players should be scrutinized. Some downloads are known hacks, and some are hidden as “mod packs” or certain skins.

List of game enhancements (cheats/hacks/exploits) prohibited on the [SC]Clan Server:

Definition: An add-on that enables a player to see opponents through walls.

Aim Bot:
Definition: An add-on that automatically targets and shoots an opponent. One of the easier cheats to spot. With this cheat enabled, the shooter is able to have an enhanced aiming/kill accuracy. The cheat allows anyone in the field of vision to be shot/killed even if the shooter did not have them in their crosshairs.

Definition: An add-on that makes all players appear in a bright color and become more noticeable to the user. This cheat is usually a .pk3 file you add to your game. Basically, all it does is change the default color for all player skins. This cheat does NOT allow players to be seen through walls. However players are easier to spot and target, especially on dark maps with many hiding spots. Any skin download that allows you to see opponents in a single or brighter color is considered a glowskin hack and not allowed.

Third Person:
Definition: A settings adjustment that allows player greater visibility around corners and tall objects. To those of you that do not know what this looks like, its the view that is typically used to spectate another player. 3rd person view is above and behind the character so that the player is able to look around corners and over tall objects and also increases their field of vision (FOV). While some servers allow for 3rd person view, our server is 1st person only. Players with an RPM mod installed will be unable to activate 3rd person while in our server.

Ball Hack:
Definition: An add-on that enables a player to paint a dot over the opposing player's head, and be able to track that player throughout the map. This dot can be seen through walls, hills, etc. and moves wherever the opposing player moves. Opposing players can therefore be identified on the map before they appear in view.

Bubble Hacks:
Definition: An add-on that highlights weapons much like a wall hack highlights players. This hack simply adds a "bubble" above all weapons so the user can see weapon locations through walls. Being as we all carry weapons in FPS games, it’s much the same as a wall hack.

Glow Guns/skins/scopes:
Definition: An add-on that changes the color o weapons or players to a bright color that is more noticeable to the user. This cheat is usually a .pk3 file you add to your game. Basically, all it does is change the default color of opponents' weapons. This cheat does NOT allow players to be seen through walls, however players are easier to spot and target, especially on dark maps with many hiding spots.

White Walls:
Definition: An add-on that changes the default map colors to white. This cheat simply changes all default map colors (i.e. walls, stairs, floors, ceilings, water, etc.) to white. Opponents are much easier to detect and target.

No Fog /No Foliage:
Definition: An add-on that removes fog, smoke, and foliage for the user. This cheat is very simple: It takes away most items that hamper the user's sight, such as the fog on RMG maps, grass, some tree foliage, smoke etc. This allows the user a clear line of sight vs. the other players.

Certain Mod Packs:
Another cheat method is mod packs; where a mod is created that has one or more game enhancements. For example, a mod called bigkiller_mod.pk3 was advertised on a clan server for download. This mod has included some of the previously listed cheats into one nice download. Obviously, the mod packs or links to authorized mod packs that we include in our forums or Downloads section are safe and free of any hacks.

Weapons Modifications:
Definition: Any modification to a player weapon which improves the hit damage (lethality) or accuracy is considered a hack. No re-coil and other enhancements such as thermal scopes, scope magnification enhancements (x100), etc. are likewise not allowed.

No Recoil:
This command allows a user to modify their weapon to have no recoil, meaning the weapons will not “jerk” up and down as a normal weapon should while firing. The weapon, when fired, will remain stable and increases dramatically the accuracy.

Thermal Scopes:
This cheat modifies a scope view to thermal.

Modify Grenades:
These cheats allows players to see through the smoke generated by the smoke grenade or avoid seeing the flash from flash grenades.

Hash Commands:
Definition: Almost all hash commands (/) are considered a hack. The only exception in our servers (at the moment) is the /fullbright command.

Other cheats:
Overbrights (including bits), proximity or GNA bots, tracers, and aimkey are also not allowed.


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