Joining the [SC] Clan. Please read.

Want to be part of the best and most dysfunctional clan within SOF2? Make a post here, keep playing on our servers (a lot) and you might get asked to join. Then again, maybe not.
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Joining the [SC] Clan. Please read.

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Welcome to the forums of the [SC]Sabriest's Code clan.

Here is some important information if you wish to join our clan.

The [SC]Clan has been active since the release of the Soldier of Fortune 2 game. A reason that we have been around so long (besides the fact that some of us are too cheap to upgrade our PC's) is that we consider this game an all-time classic and more importantly, we like to consider this a home. Many of our members have been in this clan for many, many years. Many friendships have been made, and even a marriage.

If you are thinking of joining our clan, please take the time to read the following, get to know us and let us get to know you by playing in the server as much as possible, and if you think you will be a good fit, make a join post. Our recruiting period is about 2 weeks maximum. If you are a regular and finally decided to join, it can be quicker.

Good luck, and we hope you will join the [SC]Clan family.

Joining Guidelines
  1. Be honest! Get to know the players and the clan. Can you be a member? Do you like the people? Be sure before you make a request to join
  2. Be sure to read the [SC]Clan Server Rules.
  3. Multi-clanning is not allowed. When you make a join request here, you must not be a member of another SOF2 clan. Also, making a request to join here and other clan/clans at the same time is not permitted and your request will be denied.
  4. Use the same name in the forum as your in-game name if possible. Choose your game name carefully, as once you choose it you need to keep it.
  5. Although not mandatory, you should download the RPM mod which is the mod our server uses. This can be found on our Downloads page.
  6. Make a join post when you are ready to try and join the clan. Use the simple questionnaire below. It will speed things up. Join time from date of your application will be 2 weeks maximum. Follow your join post to see any relevant updates.
  7. A list of recruiters can be found in the "[SC] Recruiters" topic in this section. These are the only clan members who can recruit you.
  8. You will be recruited in the server, not in the forums. Once you are asked in the server you will be given B admin. In the forums, your status will be changed from forum member to clan member, and private sections for clan only members will become visible. If your application is denied, it will be denied in the forums.
  9. Once you are admitted, please go to the Clan Chat area of the forums and read the topics regarding new members, admin levels, and admin commands and make a post in the "Introduce Yourself" thread.
  10. If you have any questions, contact a recruiter.
Joining Questionnaire
As part of your join request, we ask you to please use this simple questionnaire with the questions answered as best as possible.

In-game name: ?
Country: ?
Any past clans: ?
Do you know anyone at [SC]: ?
Anything else you want to tell us: ?

Once again, good luck and we hope you join one of the oldest and greatest clans in SOF2.


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