Game Server Map Ideas

If any of you smartasses have any ideas, comments or advice on how to improve the game server, drop a post, here.
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Re: Game Server Map Ideas

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I was just curious who are members on the clan that actually can modify and set up maps?


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Re: Game Server Map Ideas

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I like the current map-cycle.....i get to play right mix of Ctf and inf maps whenever i go in for 2-3 hours...thanks for this Map-cycle!! about we have that Hospital Roof map with only Knife and pistole..... that used to be fun!! C-bitch, Kingofweed etc used to score 100 with knife and win it then......i miss that!! now its like u spawn and get shot with AK, Shotty or nade whatever......

I really miss Raven office with INF and KAM1/prauge with Elim

I also miss the Finca map with Inf or Ctf which was good map for snipers! i think it was Finca 1

and there was this map of Dessert where we've played Death match or was a big map where we also go through some plastic tube sometimes.....i dont remember the name!!
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Re: Game Server Map Ideas

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they cant satisfy everybody
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