Server-based Player Stats

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Server-based Player Stats

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The server-based stats have once again been added and are now running. These stats appear as server messages and flash periodically in the server.
These stats show the current leaders in the following categories:

Knifer - Week & All time
M4 - Week & All time
AK - Week & All time
Shotgun - Week & All time
Sniper - All time
Frag nade - All Time
Kills - All Time
Deaths - All time
Played Time - Week (might change to all time)
Headshots - all time
Top scorer - Week & All time
Killing spree count - All time
Highest Spree - All Time
Suicides - All time

Other messages related to stats:
Unique players since the start of the stats
Objectives for the current gametype - All Time
Most popular map by minutes played - All time
Most popular gametype by minutes played - All Time

Example of in-game stat leader message:


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