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Here you can find some useful downloads with instructions as well as links to other SOF2 resources. Visit our Help & Downloads forum for additional support and downloads.

Soldier of Fortune 2
Full versions of Soldier of Fortune 2 can be downloaded from caserun.com. Below are links to the Silver (v1.00) and Gold (v1.03) editions. The [SC]Clan Server runs version Silver (v1.00). Extract the contents of the .zip file and run sof2mp.exe to load the game. Be sure to change your settings, such as screen resolution, and to download an RPM mod from the list below for optimum performance.

RPM Mods
Various mods have been developed for SOF2 over the years. Below are some of the most popular ones. Please note that mods which change player skins (glowskins) or add details such as tracer rounds are considered cheating and are not allowed in the [SC]Clan Server. To activate a mod, simply extract the .pk3 file to your “RPM” folder under your main SOF2 game folder.

  • RPM Mod 2.0 – The newest RPM mod by 2k3 Servers which also includes a built-in demo recording and viewing interface.
  • RPM Mod 0.78 – An older version of the RPM mod by 2k3 Servers.

SOF2 Utilities

  • RPM Soundpacks – Provides additional sounds used by most SOF2 servers, including the [SC]Clan Server. Extract the .pk3 files to your “RPM” directory.
  • SOF2 Minimizer – A handy tool that allows you to minimize SOF2 and return to your desktop and then back to the game by doing Ctrl-Z. Place the .exe file anywhere on your hard drive and launch it before loading the game.
  • Demo Fixer v1.4 – All recorded demos must be “fixed” before viewing them. This utility developed by Fragnet does just that. Place the .exe file in your “RPM/demos” folder and then enter the name of the demo you want to fix after launching the program.
  • Demo Utility – A useful program developed by 2k3 Servers and EnvyGamer to easily catalog and view recorded demos.
  • Name Editor – A useful program developed by infrequents to customize your player name with colors from the SOF2 game without having to do any coding.
  • Fraps Screencaptures – Allows for recording of SOF2 gameplay as a video file, as opposed to a demo which can only be viewed within SOF2.
  • Q Effects GL – Enhances standard SOF2 graphics by providing improved textures, lighting, and shadows. To install, simply place the opengl32.dll and QeffectsGL.ini files in your main SOF2 directory. To remove, simply delete the files. The .zip file includes two different versions of the mod.

Other Useful Links

  • SOF2 at Gamefront – A great resource full of mods, maps, weapon skins, and other utilities developed for SOF2 over the years.
  • SOF II Players – Another great SOF2 resource for finding maps and mods as well as various hints and and tips for the game.
  • 1fx. Mod – 1fx does a lot to support the SOF2 community, including providing server mods, client patches, and other SOF2-related resources.
  • Fairplay – Website for Fairplay Anticheat Software.