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Welcome to the website of the [SC]Clan, or Sabriest’s Code, one of the oldest clans in the Soldier of Fortune 2 gaming community. Over the years, the clan has grown into one of the biggest and most well-known clans within SOF2 and has members from all over the world.

Whether you just want a great, clean game server to play on or are looking for a bunch of dysfunctional mates to call your fellow clan members, the [SC]Clan is a great place to call your SOF2 home.

Visit our Forums to stay up-to-date on all that is happening in the clan. Registration is easy and takes only a couple minutes. Once registered, you may request to join the clan by making a post in the Clan Registration forums. Once you’ve made your request to join, please wait to be asked to join by a Clan Recruiter.

The [SC]Clanserver is a public SOF2 v.1.00 (silver) server that runs a custom mod which allows for custom gametypes, weapons awards, stats tracking, and more.

The Main Mapcycle consists of standard multiplayer CTF (Capture the Flag) maps. Towards the end of each map, players can vote to continue with the next standard map in the cycle or play a map from the Vote List which includes 30 different maps and gametypes. All maps are standard game-issued and no additional downloads are required.

Visit the Sever Info page to read more about the custom gametypes our server supports as well as view the list of maps in the main mapcycle and vote list.